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Tools Of The Trade

Give yourself the opportunity to create professional makeup effects with professional quality brushes. Even the best quality makeup products won't apply well or last as long if they are applied with your fingers and cheap sponge tip applicators

Professional brushes will allow you to achieve a flawless complexion, use less product, blend easily and maintain durability for a long lasting  finish.

With a few essential tools you will apply your makeup easily, effortlessly and save time. It can mean the difference between your make up looking amazing or average.

Natural vs Synthetic

Natural hair brushes are soft and make blending easy, they are ideal  to use with powder based products like Blusher, Bronzer and Eye shadows.

Synthetic bristle brushes are a little firmer and ideal for using  with liquid or cream formulations as they will not absorb too much of the product. Products like foundations, gel and liquid eyeliners.

Foundation Brush

For the professional application of liquid foundations. Perfect for flawless, photo finish looks.
With the tapered side of the brush you can precisely apply makeup to the nose, mouth and hairline so your foundation looks smooth and even.
A foundation brush will not drag the skin and allows you to use less product than if you use your fingers.
Makeup can be applied very economically, effectively and hygienically.
Synthetic fibers do not absorb liquid makeup therefore there is less wastage of product.
If you do choose to apply your foundation with your fingers use the brush to blend outwards for a even looking complexion.


Put some liquid foundation on the back of your hand and dip the makeup brush into the foundation.
Begin with light stroked and small circular motions (stippling) along the t-zone and out across the cheek area and work the foundation into the skin towards the outside of the face for a seamless finish.
Stippling the foundation will prevent streaking and foundation should disappear before it reaches the hair and jawline stopping the dreaded tide line.


Concealer Brush

Precise and smooth application  for disguising under eye shadowing and blemishes. Synthetic hairs are extremely flexible, enabling you to penetrate the product into the bristles without damaging them.
A flattened, slightly firm oval brush form enables a perfect cover up of the desired area whilst being gentle and never dragging the delicate eye area.

To cover up shadows around the eyes and tiny lines and wrinkles apply a tiny amount of concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eye and blend.


Powder Brush

Set your foundation for maximum durability, to control shine down the t-zone and blend powder products like blusher on your face the professional way with a fine goat hair bristle brush.

Take up the powder with the brush and tap off any excess
Starting  at the centre of the forehead, work towards the temples and down the sides until you reach the chin, let the brush glide over the nose and then onto the cheeks.
If you are only using powder on the cheekbone before a powder blush application gently sweep some powder onto this area in an upward motion and leave the rest of the face for a dewy foundation finish.
Never use a powder brush to apply blusher as it will cover too large a surface - not a good look.
Ideal for applying bronzer also if you do not have a separate Bronzing or Kabuki Brush.


Kabuki Brush

This is an indispensable, long lasting tool that does everything. Excellent for powder, mineral foundation, blusher, bronzer and highlighter products.
A very dense goat hair brush  with a rounded form which provides extreme opacity of Mineral Foundations with low consumption.

For Mineral Powder Foundation application hold the brush vertical and apply in a firm circular motion and buff the product into the skin.
Do not apply in a stroking manner as this will cause streaking and a patchy application. For use with other powder formulations apply in a gentle sweeping motion.


Blush Brush

A fine goat hair brush provides a perfect colour take-up and distribution for defining cheeks with blush or contour colour.
A rounded and domed shape allows for exact application and specific modeling of the facial contours.



Take up blush with the brush and tap off any excess.
Apply to the cheekbone and with small circular motions work up towards the hairline and let fade lightly.
Avoid sucking in your cheeks and painting blush on - you will end up with harsh stripes and this will only give the illusion of dragging the face downwards resulting in aging your face.
Keep the blusher high on the cheekbones to lift the face and create a youthful effect.
Blusher can be used to highlight the apples of your cheeks, apply softly or you will look more clownish than radiant.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is perfect for highlighting your cheekbones and collarbones. It is also great for removing any messy fallout when applying eye shadows.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Choose these brushes depending on the size of the space you wish to cover. A high quality sable hair brush with a rounded shape simplifies the exact placement of colour.
Creates a perfectly blended look each time.
Suitable for powder and cream eye shadows.
Larger brushes allow for professional application of lighter and brighter shades, making blending of different colours easy and quick and are ideal for applying lighter eye shadows as a base to the entire eyelid.
Smaller brushes are perfect for deeper shades of eye shadows and for blending along the socket line. Press the brush at the outer corner of the eye and shade in toward the middle of the lid along the eyelid crease. Aim for a smooth transition between the already applied lighter eyeshadow.

Pressing the product onto the eyelid creates maximum deposit of pigment and colour intensity. Sweeping or stroking the product will soften the colour and is ideal for blending. A small circular motion with a dome shaped eyeshadow brush works across the socket line to blend away sharp lines.



Lip Brush 

A conical tip allows for precise and hygienic application of lipstick for a professional lip finish.
Durability of the lipstick is improved with the use of a brush and a stronger more defined line is created.
Can be applied with a softer sable hair brush to soften the lip outline of the lip contour pencil or a synthetic lip brush which will use less product as it doesn't absorb so much means extra coverage to the lip area.


Soft Eyeliner Brush

A fine conical tip enables a precise contour line especially at the inner corners of the eyes, use any eye shadow you have as an eyeliner, easily and professionally. Ideal for loose shimmer dusts. Applying liquid the fine tapered point allows for super fine work at the lash line.

Take up some colour and start at the inner lash line and draw a fine, smooth line to the outer lash line.


Eyelash brush

For perfectly separated lashes and to shape the eyebrows.
Made of synthetic fiber so it does not absorb liquid formulations but dispenses them evenly.


It is best to use the brush directly after having applied mascara - before it dries, to remove excess and fan the lashes.
Comb eyebrows perfectly into shape, slightly brushing them upwards and across. The brush is also ideal to remove any surplus powder at the eyebrow arch.


Eyebrow/Angle Brush Brush


Professional eyebrow makeup and deep eye contours are perfectly possible: smoky eyes are done in no time at all.
It's small size and firm pointed tip allows a soft focus effect contour and easy application of brow powder and fill in sparse areas.

For eyebrows start at the highest point of the brush in the inside of the eyebrow and let the colour fade out at the end of the brow.
To create a perfectly smoky eye, use this brush to outline your eyes in dark shadow and blend eyeliner and eyeshadow  around the eyelash line.


Expert tip: Professional brushes have excellent durability meaning they can be cleaned over and over without causing damage.
For cleansing, the most ideal way is with brush cleaner which can be purchased from most makeup ranges. With a few sprays you can clean and sterilize your brushes and they dry instantly. If you don't have a brush cleaner the next best thing is a foaming facial cleanser and cleaning the brush hair with the gentle foam to remove all residue. Rinse well, press out the wet bristles and air dry. The alternative is a gentle wash to the bristle hairs with warm soapy water, rinse well, squeeze away excess moisture, lay them flat and let them air dry.
A thorough weekly cleanse with warm soapy water is ideal if your brushes are looking less than pristine and to remove makeup, dust and bacteria.

Don't soak your brushes in a bowl of warm soapy water as you will damage the adhesive in the head of the brush and soon you will start to lose the hairs during application.

Brushes are best kept in a brush roll, if they sit in a pot they are likely to collect dust which is then transferred onto your skin.

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