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Femme Fatale

Dita Von Teese is known for her distinctive retro glamour looks. From the bold ruby red lips to her porcelain skin and cat eye black liner to her old-school waved hairstyles, she is often called the 'ultimate retro pin-up girl', with her 1940s burlesque style.

Dita Von Teese Wonderbra Launch Party

Get the look with these Artdeco products:

Base: Create a flawless, luminous and porcelain skin by massaging in some moisturizer, applying a primer and use a medium coverage foundation making sure to blend the common areas of discoloration and redness: eyelids (which often have a purple tone), cheeks, and around the nose. Avoid the lids (the oiliest part of your face). Conceal and camoflauge as required. Use a big, soft powder brush  and set with a loose translucent/ illuminating mineral powder. The subtle light reflective particles will give the skin some life and a soft sheen.

Try Artdeco Make up base

Try Artdeco Concealer & Illuminator

Try Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation #28 Light Porcelain

Try Artdeco Illuminating Powder

Blush:  A matte texture is true pin-up, but a hint of shimmer in a rose- pink makes the look more ethereal. Contour the cheekbone and swirl the brush on the apples of your cheeks.

Try Artdeco Blusher #49 beige rose

Eye Shadow: Apply and eyeshadow base or dust eyelids with translucent powder to absorb excess oil and make blending of your eyeshadow easier.

Try Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

Blend a matte eye shadow in a vanilla or cream tone from your lash line to your brow.
Press a pearl version of that same color just under the arch of your brow. This catches the light and makes your brow arch seem slightly higher. Never shade the entire brow bone with a shimmer eyeshadow as you will create a puffy eye effect. Press a small amount of the same colour across the middle section of the mobile lid to pick up the light and make the eyes pop.

Blend a beige/bisque/taupe toned eye shadow across the crease and then blend a medium slate grey matte eye shadow in the outer crease of your lid, and softly blending as you shade towards the inner corner. Brush a thin line of the grey shadow under your bottom lashes for some definition and use a white kajal on the water line to make the eyes look bigger & brighter.

Try Ardeco Eye Shadow #554 Matt vanilla, #19 Nougat Cream, # 514 Matt Light Grey Beige

Brows: Using an angled brow brush, trace the shadow along the inner edge of the top of your brow and create a defined arch using a brow powder in the same colour as your eyebrows. Then, use the flat side of the brush to fill in the rest of your brow.

Try Artdeco Brow Powder in Dark and Stencils

Eye liner: Practice makes perfect! Using a fine eyeliner brush, tilt the brush so you’re using the side as opposed to the point and, starting from your lid’s inner corner right at the tear duct, draw along your lash line all the way to the outer corner. When you reach the pupil, gradually thicken the line, then when you reach the end of your lash line angle upwards and flick the brush slightly past the outer corner. Go back over the line a few times and really work the black into the lash line for a smooth finish and creating intensity at the lashline. An excellent technique to use if you don't have a steady hand is to apply a small piece of sticky tape angled from the outer corner of the eye to the edge of your brow and press flat against the skin.  ( Use the same angle as though you were using an eyeshadow marker).  Apply your liner and when you remove the tape you will have a perfectly straight, fine flick.

Try Artdeco High Precision Liquid Liner Black

Lashes: Curl the lashes with a pair of eyelash curlers to further enhance and open up the eyes. Apply a fine coat of mascara to the bottom lashes and let dry. Coat the top lashes with 2 coats of a full lash effect mascara for volume, length and curl. This creates beautiful, fan-like lashes. Apply a full strip or 3/4 false lashes to the outer corners of the eye.

Try Artdeco Wonderlash Black Mascara

Try Artdeco False Lashes

Lips: Prepare the lips and use a lip base to neutralize the colour and create a smooth  even surface. Seal the lip line and correct any uneven shape with a lip corrector. Highlight the cupids bow. Then, choose a classic, fire-engine red lipstick and sweep it across the centre of the lip towards the outer corner.

Artdeco Red Carpet Lips # 420 'femme fatale' is a perfect choice!  Using the side of your lip brush create a precise line and finish along your lip line. Use a lip pencil for more definition if required. Blot by taking a tissue, place it over your mouth, and dust a little translucent face powder or fixing powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and apply the second coat of lipstick.

Try Artdeco Lifting Lip Base

Try Artdeco Lip Corrector

 Try Artdeco Waterproof Lipliner #10 Seductive Red

Try Artdeco Perfect Colour Lipstick #05 Tango red

Try Artdeco Magic Fix Lipstick Sealer


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