Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

The world of ARTDECO

In just 25 years, ARTDECO has become the biggest selling makeup brand (units) in central Europe's selective market.  ARTDECO is today sold in 62 countries.  It is the number 1 brand outselling Chanel, Givenchy, MAC across Europe!

The very extensive ARTDECO range includes over 600 professional quality and easy-to-apply products, that allow women to create anything from a  flawless and natural look, to a dramatic and glamorous style!  The range includes several 'must have' professional products that assist with makeup lasting ALL day - and simply won't budge.

As well as colour cosmetics and makeup, ARTDECO also offers anti-ageing skincare; foot care; hand care; nail care and salon products. Essentially, it's a brand that has it all!

In Australia and New Zealand, ARTDECO is exclusive to selective salons and industry professionals, and subsequently cannot be purchased on-line. 

What makes ARTDECO different from other brands?

Firstly, ARTDECO unashamdedly 'sits on the fence', by offering both pure mineral and traditional cosmetic products.  This is an important distinction from other mineral-only brands, as mineral products are not also suitable for everyone, in all circumstances. 

Secondly, the brand is German, so the products are made from the highest quality ingredients and production processes, which gives ARTDECO products very sheer textures, for long-lasting results.

Importantly, most ARTDECO products are refillable, giving women the option of creating their own palettes, whilst not wasting excess packaging and money.

Arguably, the best features of ARTDECO products is the price. 
ARTDECO is affordably priced at up to 60% cheaper than comparible
premium products in department stores. Compare the prices for yourself!
ARTDECO products are made in Germany and are not tested on animals.

ARTDECO products are highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Be warned!  Once you try ARTDECO's products, we are pretty sure you will be hooked.

* Images and tutorial links used in this blog have been taken from the official Artdeco websites.



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