Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

My Essential Product

Red Lipstick
It has the same power as heels ... minimum effort for maximum impact. Instantly sexy!

If you only buy one new makeup product this season, make it bright, bold lipstick. Vibrant shades of scarlet, fuchsia and cerise like those seen on the 20101/2011 runway shows.

My colour of choice is Artdeco Perfect Colour # 05 Tango Red or the new Red Carpet Lips High Performance Lipstick  #420 Femme Fatale.

The bright lip stain is not for the faint hearted. Keep the face neutral with a classic eye and liquid liner for the day time with the focus on the one area. A strong lip or eye is always more dramatic. Team with a strong, smoky eye for night time glamour.

To create the perfect power lip do a little prep work and start by gently exfoliating  your lips with a warm damp face cloth followed by aloe vera lip balm to smooth your pout or apply a hydrating lip base like Artdeco Lifting Lip Base over the entire lip for maximum longevity, to stop bleed and plump the lips.

If you have an uneven lip line or fine lines around the lip use an invisible/natural toned lip corrector to add some definition and smooth the lip line with Artdeco Lip Corrector.

Highlight your top lip on the cupids bow with some highlighter, this instantly makes your lips appear fuller without having to draw over your lip line with lip pencil. Try Artdeco Eye Designer Refill in # 29 Golden Champagne.

Coat a lip brush with your lipstick and perfect the outline to help seal in the colour. Try Artdeco Perfect Colour #05 Tango red, High performance Lipstick #428 Red Fire or one of the Red Carpet Lip Collection colours Femme Fatale, Coquette red, Red Desire and Red Carpet.

A pointed lip brush gives a polished effect to fill in the lip and follow the lip line.

To get a natural, blended finish, apply a matching lip liner sparingly after your lipstick and use it to just define the edges and correct any symmetrical mistakes on the lip contour. Try Artdeco Soft Lip Liner Waterproof  #10 Seductive Red.

Apply the lip color to the center of your lips and blend out to the edges.

Remove excess pigments by blotting with a tissue and dust a little translucent face powder over the tissue. Remove the tissue and add a second coat of lipstick.

Finish by sealing with a lipstick fixer for a mattifying and longer lasting result. Lipstick sealer will prevent bleeding and  will lock the colour on for hours. Try Artdeco Magic Fix .

Red Carpet Lips with Artdeco

Expert tip:  If you're new to lipstick, start with a berry based gloss or apply lipstick as a stain by lightly patting it on with your finger for a  more subtle effect.  Adding a lighter shimmer in the centre of the lips creates a more full looking pout.
Try Artdeco Lip Brillaince Gloss #52 Rose Blossom or Hot Chilli Lip Gloss.

This season, lips in any shade of red are the most glamorous makeup trend. Choose a red lipstick to match your skin tone. Orange reds can make teeth look yellow while blue or burgundy reds make the teeth look whiter. Try some of the stronger shades around at the moment, like crimson and burgundy, for a fresh modern take. Skip on the gloss and attention guaranteed!

Red lips not to your liking, try a natural, nude toned shade and then make your eyes the feature.


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